Demo 2016

by Hot Shot

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Tapes out soon


released April 20, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations
Vocals recorded by Tim Mullaney at Electric Mullaney Land Studios
Art by Julaya Antolin


all rights reserved



Hot Shot Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Cage Aggression
Time moves forward never in reverse
Born into nothing, I'll find peace in the dirt
Spend the years in between, on my hands and knees
Begging like a dog for all the things I need.

I'd rather cut my head off
Than live in this world as a slave
Wearing thin, fading away
Getting closer to the edge with every passing day

Wave of depression pulling me down
Nowhere to stand, no solid ground
Pushing the limits of existence
Is this fucking living?
Sometimes I just want to know,
How much I mean to the world
I'm loosing touch
I feel like I'm letting go

One step from living on the street
No one to pick me up up if i fall
My mistake was thinking I had a chance at all
Alone in the world
Fighting for scraps
Can this fucking last?

I have so much to give
I lay it out for the world
While I crumble within
At peace with everything,
At peace with myself
The war is over I'll take the easy way out

This physical form is just a flash in the pan, I need to set my soul free/let my consciousness ascend.
Track Name: Stress Position
I can't imagine
The hate you have for yourself and the world
Living a fantasy
A constant struggle within your soul.

So much time spent trying to work your way to the top
So willing to flip and be something you're not
I deal with the real . What else can you steal?
My life is a raw expression of the passion I feel.

Where is the disconnect? What is it you don't get?
Such a dark place inside you're head.
A true fucking loser
Fighting for your place in the world

I don't fuck with you
Keep your distance
You scare the shit out of me
Because you have no limits

Dig a little deeper but don't dig too far.
How can you love yourself if you don't know who you are
Over and over people around you get burned
I don't owe you trust that's not what you deserve
You keep on doing you
Keep on fucking around people will catch on quick
Nothing and no one is all you'll end up with

I've go nothing but love in my heart
And that burning inside that's what sets us apart
You're solely motivated by selfish gain
You must be fucked up, if you think we're the same
Track Name: Pain Cycle
You're not the first to come around I see the devil in you
You use intimidation to take what you choose
Control is your goal, fear is your tool
I'm nothing but an obstacle to you

She's so fucked up from the years of abuse
A never ending cycle perpetuated by you
She's not the same when you come around
It gets you off to pull her down

What does it mean to be a man? I could never get that right
I've feared and hated every man that's ever been in my life
Warped sense of reality alone in my head
I'll struggle with my existence until I'm dead

I feel like I threw her to the wolves
I'm not doing so hot now, but I know she's doing worse
It was a selfish reaction to your selfish decisions
It's too late to go home, it's too late for forgiveness.
Track Name: Moksha
Is there anything other than complacency keeping us together?
The years have left us twisted and mangled
contorted and sheltered from the world outside of ourselves

You feel like a prison
That I can't bring myself to escape
I don't want to hate you
But I feel so broken and fucked up and it's too late

You always said you wished i could know what it felt like
To love somebody who doesn't love me back

I found peace in freedom
While you found peace in someone else
You always said I changed too much
And in my mind you didn't change enough

I never thought you'd be the one to slip
I don't blame you for anything that you did

When you were gone I hit the bottom
Harder than ever. I searched within myself
Deeper than ever. I came back to the surface
Stronger than ever. Now that fire inside me burns hotter than ever

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